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Dear friend,

Recently, I was at a restaurant recently with some friends when I noticed the waitress looked really cute. I decided I wanted to get to know her better. Less than 5 sentences later, she discreetly slipped me her phone number on a piece of paper so her boss wouldn't notice.

How did this happen? And more importantly, HOW CAN YOU DO THE SAME?

How YOU can become naturally attractive to women

What if you could talk to any women you see, anywhere?

Imagine yourself fearlessly and calmly chatting with that cute girl from the local Starbucks. Imagine yourself on a date a cute women you met on your way to work. Or with that girl you've known for years and have been thinking of asking out.

This dating manual will teach you an entire world of new information that will revolutionalize the way you view women and relationships. After getting all the success you want with the women you've always dreamt of, you'll look back and wonder how you ever could've done things the old "dinner and movie" or "waiting for a friend to introduce us" way.

After reading this ebook manual on dating you'll be able to:
  • meet beautiful women everywhere, whether it be at the mall or at the gym
  • turn friends into lovers (using the missing key that most men overlook)
  • improve your interactions using powerful new conversational skills

  • asian girl

    Top 3 reasons why THIS dating manual is for you

  • I'm a normal guy who used to be really nervous around girls. This means that I understand where you're coming from.

  • I've achieved what the majority of people would consider an awesome dating life. This means I can lead you to where you want to become.

  • Combining the above together, it means I can show you how to go from wherever you're at to becoming a dating superstar!

  • Here's some of the secrets you'll learn inside

    Here's a small sample of the many amazing things you'll learn inside this dating manual:

  • How to start a conversation with an attractive woman ANYWHERE ANYTIME! It doesn't matter whether it's in a bar or a bus, a lounge or a library.

  • How to impress her with your honesty - and why sincerity is the #1 aphrodisiac for women

  • What women fantasize about... and how to make this work for you!

  • The THREE concepts that explain why women may say one thing but mean something else entirely

  • Improving your confidence naturally and easily making your life better in general in addition to being confident with women

  • The ONE concept that makes almost any woman feel so completely understood and connected with you! Finding common interests are for those who haven't yet grasped this amazing concept!

  • First Kiss - a topic that scares many men. Here you'll learn not only HOW to kiss her naturally without pressure, you'll also learn a sports concept that'll signficantly increase your kissing chances!

  • Example conversations that ACTUALLY HAPPENED! Let these concrete examples solidify your understanding so that you too can apply these concepts to meet beautiful women!

  • ... and MUCH MUCH MORE!

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    NOW let's get started

    By now, you're wondering... "How do I get this system for myself so I can meet and attract the women I want?"

    The question is, what value do you place on yourself? How much is the ability to meet women anywhere, to get rid of average chump habits like paying for dinner dates (and getting women to pay for YOUR meals), to have the romantic life that YOU want?

    A wise man once asked, "When would now be a good time?" Most people procrastinate their improvement out of social fear, but I believe you're one of the few who can succeed. After all, you've come this far.

    I believe that by now you've realized how much you're enjoying meeting wonderful and beautiful women on a daily basis after reading this dating manual, and can look back on this day as having been the start of that blissful success. You've also become aware of the unlimited possibilities right in front of you, and as you read this dating manual I wonder how pleasantly surprised you'll be with all the success you'll be enjoying.

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    asian girl

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